Top Cities For Young Professionals

movingfunnyRelocating is one of the most fruitful experiences any young professional can take!  Yes, it may seem a little scary at first, but put on your big girl/boy underwear and take the plunge.  Moving is extremely liberating and empowering.  It can cultivate career growth, grow your network, and enable you to BLOOMBUT, before you go jumping on a one-way flight to Never Never Land, research and financial planning are key! Good news–The Blooming Jade, Under 30 CEOForbesNerd Wallet, and have done a big chunk of the work for you!  The following cities have been dubbed as the best for young professionals, new grads, and young entrepreneurs.  [Factors include career opportunities, compensation, cost of living, public transportation, and work-life balance.]

See the top 15 cities, and a few of their highlights in the photo slideshow below!
Because the ranking of these cities vary from site to site, I’ve put them in alphabetical order.

Atlanta | Austin | Boston | Chicago | Denver | Houston | New York City | Philly | Phoenix | Portland | San Diego | San Fran | San Jose | Seattle | DC

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Still want a little more insight?  Read on to see what young professionals from several of the cities are saying about their current locations.

    • BOSTON: “Boston is a city full of opportunity!  It is extremely diverse and there is an endless supply of jobs just solely based off the amount of colleges and universities in the area. Different types of art, culture and media are largely exhibited and you are never without something to do.” ~Amirah Gibson
    • DENVER: “Denver is a great transitional city and a great transplant city. There are many young professionals in Denver who are here to start their careers that didn’t grow up in the area.  Job experience in Denver leads to many other great job opportunities elsewhere.” ~Kyle Hudencial
    • HOUSTON:  “Houston is an amazing place because of the diversity in opportunity. There are so many ways a young professional can grow. There are so many ways to flourish and because it is centrally located there is no part of the country which is off limits.” ~Christopher Cutkelvin
    • PHOENIX:  “Phoenix is a very diverse city full of culture…from hiking, art galleries, river floats, night life, and the various cultural festivals held throughout the year.  I love and appreciate how people from all different races, ages, cultures, religious affiliations, socioeconomic classes, and even other cities in the country, can find a commonality.”  ~Hannah Tautolo
    • ATLANTA:  “I love Atlanta because it is full of young adults from all over the United States and other countries. I have met very few people that actually grew up here. Actually all of my friends are around my age and moved here after college for a job just like me. There is always something to do and a new networking group to join. Easy place to move.” ~Tricia Leger
    • SAN FRANCISCO: “San Francisco squeezes bits and pieces of the whole word into a tiny space.  It’s one of those cities where you can walk down the grocery aisle and hear 8 different languages. There’s something here for everyone…from Italian wine in North Beach, to Taco Tuesday in the Mission, to a granola bowl on the beach.  It’s a city for adventure seekers.” ~Kerry Grady
    • SAN JOSE:  “San jose offers an wide variety of night life activities along with some phenomenal restaurants with diverse cuisines.  The downtown also hosts outdoor events throughout the year to enjoy the scenery and beautiful weather. And the best part about the city is the fact that its so close to Oakland and San Francisco for even more diversity to your social and professional life. All this is aside from the fact that you are in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the epicenter of innovation and entrepreneurship so there’s no telling who you’ll meet on any given day or night.” ~Oladele Sobomehin
    • NEW YORK CITY:  “I would have to say New York City is the best place for young professionals because there really is nowhere realer then this. We come with our inflated egos and tall dreams, but NYC quickly brings you back down to earth. For those who survive this reality check, NYC embraces them with an abundance of opportunities to climb to the top if your willing to work your life away. Why do I love this city? Because as cliche as it might be, if you can make it here you really can make it anywhere.” ~Sean Yoro
    •  AUSTIN:  “ATX is a place of glorious opportunity.  There are corporations and start-ups constantly thirsting for fresh talent.  Facebook, Google, Dell, Apple, and GM (General Motors) draw many young professionals here for work.  But the food trucks, outdoor life, and low cost of living make them stay!” ~Jade, The Blooming Jadefunnyboxessignature
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